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Special Wellness Section in the "New York Times"

Today’s New York Times includes a special section, Well, that provides health information covering the human body from brain to toe.

The “Well” articles are a great way for interpreters to review their knowledge about individual body parts and learn more about studies and common recommendations for maintaining health.

The Well home page also includes links to health quizzes and calculators.

Resource: Health Information Translations Site

The Health Information Translations site includes lots of bilingual resources with value for medical interpreters, health care organizations, and patients. All materials are available free, in PDF format.

Health care interpreters can prepare for appointments and further their knowledge of medical terminology and procedures by using translated materials in 17 languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese. For lists of materials in your language(s), click on a language name. Each PDF file contains both English and the translated language. Some languages have more topics than others, and more languages are on the way.

The site also includes signage with pictorial symbols plus words in multiple languages. Examples include rest room signs, “do not enter,” and “no food or drink.”

All materials were developed by Ohio health care organizations to help improve health education for patients with limited English proficiency.