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Note From Greg:

Hello All,

I love challenges. That’s why I decided to write a little more this month about the revision of our The Essential Piece training manual and the new vocabulary words and knowledge it brings to our interpreter-trainees. We added many of the new terms to reflect changes in medical practices. As CultureSmart sees things, if words are important to medicine, they’re important to interpreters. We want to help our trainees meet the challenges of our field, a discipline that changes constantly and requires endless, daily study. The dozens and dozens of new words in our manual are just one more way CultureSmart-trained interpreters can distinguish themselves as competent professionals with up-to-date skills and knowledge. We realize that more words means more work but, in some ways, we see CultureSmart as a niche program. We may require more homework and effort than other training courses, but we think our program offers more payoffs, too. The reason? New understanding of medicine through new terminology like doula, CMO, cochlear implant, cryotherapy, botulism, lancinating, bradykinesia, dysphasia, fibromyalgia, tetanus, Tourette’s syndrome…

Be In Touch,