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Culturesmart’s list of clients includes hospitals and health centers across the U.S.

To date (2005), our program has trained more than 2,000 interpreters. In 2004, we trained close to 300 bilingual individuals who speak over 8 languages

Healthcare organizations Culturesmart has worked with include:

"“They [Culturesmart Consultants] have excellent training and assessment skills.  They are both knowledgeable and people-focused.  With so many years of experience, they bring great perspective from having worked with both patients and providers.  They deliver a curriculum over ten years in development."” 

Shari Gold Gomez
Director, Interpreter Services
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


"Working with Culturesmart has been one of the most productive partnerships our department has undertaken. They worked very hard at tailoring a staff-training program that met our specific and very challenging demands. They delivered on time and met every goal as scheduled in the original proposal. The vast knowledge and professionalism of their trainers gave depth to the curriculum.  Our medical interpreter staff was able to enrich their knowledge in interpreting skills, medical terminology and cultural competency. This has been one of the best investments made for this department."

Oscar Arocha
Director Interpreter Services Department & Guest Support Services
Boston Medical Center

“Culturesmart is a key player in making healthcare delivery to non-English speaking populations manageable from the hospital point of view. 

"They are “systems thinkers” who can help hospitals evaluate their multi-lingual services to immigrant groups in a cost-effective manner.  They can represent a wide spectrum of people that need to be trained -- from clinicians to medical interpreters – and train them in a coordinated effort so that they can work as a team."

Janice Peterson
Director of Interpreter Program


"“As a healthcare administrator, I am concerned about our budget.  I have found that Culturesmart has great strategic perspective and their client relationship well maintained.  They work to the strength of those they work with."

Robert Fleming
Former Director, Institute for Linguistic and Cultural Skills, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation


Other Current and Past Clients:

  • Boston Area Health Education Center
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • City of Hartford Public Health Department
  • Hartford Hospital
  • Newton Wellesley Hospital