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OpenID LogoHelios Calendar supports OpenID for public calendar login, which means, you don't have to sign up.

What is OpenID?

OpenID is a decentralized digital identiy framework. Which means, in plain English, it's a single online account that works anywhere. Well, almost anywhere. Your OpenID "identity" works at any site that supports OpenID, this is one of those sites!

How do I get an OpenID?

Chances are good you may already have one. To find out if one of your online accounts is also an OpenID Provider, or to sign up with a provider, visit the "Get an OpenID" link below.

What can I do with my OpenID?

Right now you can leave comments on events and influence the Recomnds score of comments left by other users.
We'll be adding more features that use OpenID soon.

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What is OpenID?

Get an OpenID

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